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    Ron paul fans are dating themselves

    The broad powers that the Constitution granted Congress were designed to let this central government address national problems that existed then as well as others that would arise in the future.For instance, the Constitution gave control over interstate commerce to Congress in order to counter economic advantages enjoyed by foreign competitors.one or two blurry foreign policy differences between the major parties.The Democrats are arguably less hawkish, with the notable exception of when it comes to doing things like voting on whether or not to bomb other countries.However this is largely because President Obama neglected to ask Congress’s permission to do so.While the Republican Party still sports an alarming amount of Neocons eager to engage in nation building (usually by bombing the nations they intend to build), it’s unfair to describe the GOP as the party of war.Maybe you will also spend your birthday knocking doors for a “true liberty” candidate. These fights dissipate quickly and always end with looking at GIFs of cats, and secretly thinking your significant other will eventually realize she/he has been wrong all along.If you are a friend of the free market who is dreading Valentine’s Day, take heart in hoping that your forever alone, socially awkward, closet case, or basement dweller is out there waiting to make all your dreams come true.

    Conversations like this one are routine and totally acceptable: “I am starving – can we please go get food now? All of your friends are proud and self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalists, and you find that your interactions with “normal” people become increasingly more awkward as you struggle to find topics that interest them. Fun weekend activities include attending conferences and lecture circuits. When you fight, it is always over small differences in philosophy.In truth the GOP has only one commonality: a fear of commitment.Isolationist, Neoconservative, Realist and whatever exactly Governor Romney is, Republicans are the party hesitant to confirm “relationship status” with other countries on Facebook.Dating a libertarian (read: dating someone who understands you because they share your philosophical views) is worth a little bit of waiting. Ron Paul and other right-wingers have lured many average Americans into their camp by creating a false narrative about America’s Founding, claiming that the drafters of the Constitution wanted a weak central government.

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